Intangible Assets

  • Goodwill

    Goodwill exists only in the case of firms making super profits. We assist in Assessing the monetary value of Goodwill. Need for valuation of goodwill may arise at the time of:
    Change in the profit sharing ratio amongst the existing partners
    Admission of a new partner
    The retirement of a partner
    Death of a partner
    Dissolution of a firm where business is sold as going concern.
    Amalgamation of partnership firms
  • IPR

    Financial modelling helps in identifying the market worth of an Intellectual property right through valuation process based on International Valuation Standards.
  • Brand Value

    The Global standard sets out the appropriate process of valuing brands, and sets out six key requirements:
    objectivity, and
    financial, behavioural, and legal parameters.
  • Patent

    Valuation of patent rights is one of the main activities related to intellectual property management within an organization or company. For strategic decisions
  • Copyright

    Valuing copyright through in-depth understanding of the particular business and industry in which the copyright operates eg. books, films, plays, TV, music, characters, images and musicals.