Value Added Services

  • TEV Review

    Total enterprise value (TEV) is a valuation measurement used to compare companies with varying levels of debt. TEV is calculated as follows:
    TEV = market capitalization + interest-bearing debt + preferred stock – excess cash
    Some financial analysts use a simple market capitalization analysis to derive the value of a company, but businesses often have different financial structures, making TEV a better value measure when comparing companies.
  • Due – Diligence

    Examining detailed information from the seller regarding the business operations and finances, also known as due diligence.
    Due diligence will provide you with access to the business inventory and equipment, financials, contracts, intellectual property and any outstanding legal matters. Knowing all the details of an existing business helps you determine the financial risk involved and provides you with a stronger position for negotiation.
  • Construction Funding

    We also carry out valuations for Commercial/Retail property ventures. Project funding is given to a developer subjected to the construction plan timelines of the project and the verified credentials/background of the developer. These project finance or Land Acquisition valuations are done for Developers, Financial Institutions, fund managers, and also highlight them about the project progress, the risks associated along with the micro market overview.
  • Valuation Support Services

    We help organizations in making better-informed investment and business-related decisions. Add on services include tax neutral restructuring exercise, purchase price allocation, representation services for price negotiations .
  • Implementation of valuation Process enterprise level